Congratulations!  We'll assume that this stop was your intended destination, but if for some reason this was a happy accident, welcome to  Moteef & Co! What's Moteef & Co you say? Good question! We make pretty darn fabulous clothing and accessories.

Moteef & Co is an everyday expression clothing line conveying thoughts and expressing emotions. Each expression is carefully thought out to let our apparel speak for you. We continually strive to bring our customers the most relevant and creative designs, while maintaining the perfect combo of hip meets modern + empowering, with a side of personality.

Its more than a moment; Its a movement.

We are a family brand. I’m Chris and my wife is Quiana. We have four beautiful children: Kenedi, Chloe, Chris II & Kingston Eliis and a beautiful angel Carrington Bella-Grace. Moteef & Co was started in 2008 in Tallahassee, FL and is currently available worldwide. You just can't contain this amount of 'dopeness’ to one state. We are the folks behind your glaring screen, and simply believe in creating quality apparel and fashion accessories for the entire family. 

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for sneak peeks, new releases, flash sales, and even some designs that may never see the light of day. Drop us a note via email with any questions or suggestions- though truth be told, we really love compliments best. Pull up a chair, and stay a while. We like visitors.